I had the pleasure to interview Interior Designer Ana Borrallo during COVID.

Could you share any decor tips to bring joy to our homes?

“I think the best decor is the non decor…but the authentic objects that we need every day; when you choose what you need in a loving way, then you get to enjoy it everyday and THAT brings you joy.” 

What are the trends for this spring/summer 2020?

“A home is not about trends; when you live by trends then your constantly unsatisfied. The key to a comfortable house is to choose things from the core of your likings!!! That way, you never get tired of it.”
What is your favourite decorative item you have at home?

“My latest Christmas gift: a handmade Japanese knife for the kitchen, once again not decorative but practical and beautiful!!!”

In which team are you: pastel colours or bright colours?

“Colours are vibrations that are very personal and they relate to your state of being and the light of the place where the house is situated. Colors are the source of the specific energy you need. I am definitely a person who doesn’t need pastel colours. I need neutrals and saturated colours to keep me going …”

Once we are back in normal life, what is the first thing you would like to do?

“Hug everybody around me”- Interview done during COVID-